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RINISOFT participates in the NESTLER Workshop

The NESTLER project aims to build consensus among the stakeholders towards the formalization and scope of investigation within the project. Therefore, the project organized the workshop: ‘’Impact of NESTLER technologies and digital tools in One Health Sustainability’’ that was held on the 26th of September 2023 in Nairobi, Kenya. The aim of the workshop was to provide the wider audience with introductory information about the technologies of the project, how they will be used and their added value for the end-users in the context of the ONE-HEALTH program. The hybrid meeting had a duration of two hours and included 15′ presentations from the consortium partners regarding the technical solutions and their importance in the context of the One-Health program. Furthermore, there was a 30′ discussion and Q & A session at the end. Leading experts on One Health programme, Members of public geographically distributed between EU and Africa, Representatives for African member states, Stakeholders from interdisciplinary field of research and technical experts were invited and participated in the workshop.

The presentations during the workshop dealt with the following topics:

  1. Project Overview

  2. IoT sensors for environmental monitoring (SynField)

  3. AI solutions for pest infestation identification

  4. Remote sensing

  5. AI and weather prediction

  6. AI for livestock and aquaculture monitoring

  7. Crop quality monitoring

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