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Network Channel
Aggregation System
Stable data transfer and Internet access anywhere at the highest possible speed
on multiple network channels

RiniNet - is a client-server software for the organisation of a single virtual network channel at the packet level over multiple network channels.

Like most WMT systems RiniNet is available for Internet access.


RiniNet  uses the binded bandwidth of all modems together providing enormous upload speeds.


The device also supports full databinding across all connections and is available via the Wi-Fi hotspot or via the Ethernet connection. Both the hotspot and databinding functionality work in parallel with the transmission of video, however video is always prioritized so no interruptions due to unexpected data transmissions.

Internet Connection Everywhere
Key Features
  • High fault tolerance in transmission (minimization of packet loss during transmission through unstable channels)

  • Consolidation the performance of multiple channels

  • Several algorithms are available

  • Stabilization of delays in the channel

  • Maximizing throughput

  • Low requirements for computing resources

  • Portability (x86, ARM)

  • Utilizing of multiple channels even with a single tcp connection

  • Network agnostic: wireless, cellular, cable


  • Always online regardless of the network status of one of the operators

  • Ultra-high speed of downloading and publishing content

  • No difference in work both in motion and at rest

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