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Robust Ad-Hoc IP MESH COFDM Video Surveillance

The PodNode-R MESH video surveillance system is a powerful addition to any wireless communication surveillance system.


Each PodNode in the same network automatically connect to other PodNode based equipment to create a self-healing, mobile and dynamic surveillance mesh network.

Each PodNode-R automatically routes video, voice and data around the wireless network, and may easily be configured to operate without user intervention. This makes the system ideal for static or vehicle mounted scenarios.

PodNode-Rs are supported by our extensive and powerful range of video cameras.

The PodNode-R operates both in mobile and fixed deployments. Typical fixed deployments include first responders and rapidly deployable surveillance networks. Mobile applications include vehicle mounted convoy applications and advanced ground robot control.

Units may be left unattended or solar powered and enabled remotely.

For high quality standard definition video, the H.264 enabled PodNode-R-SD offers superb quality with low latency. For full high definition video transmission, the PodNode-R-HD offers the ability to transmit multiple HD video streams.

PodNode R SD.png
Robust RF communication
Key Features
  • Ad-Hoc MESH Network

  • Rapidly Deployable Wireless Surveillance System

  • Robust Reliable Wireless IP network

  • Ruggedised Design

  • Instant Ad-Hoc Networks

  • Non Line of Sight

  • Operates Between Fast Moving Vehicles

  • High Data Rates Suitable for HD Video

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