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RiniSkin IoT
Vital Sign Monitoring and
Analytics Platform

RiniSkin IoT is a Platform for health research, clinical development, security & defense, sports & fitness. It may be applied in several Therapeutic Areas such as Cardiology, Respiratory, Neurology, Mental Disorders, and Pediatrics to name a few. 

RiniSkin IoT offers Body-Worn Sensors, Technology Solutions, and Data Analytics to support projects of any sizes.


RiniSkin IoT uses analytics software to process received data both online and offline.

The technology is fast enough to perform real time analysis.

RiniSkin IoT offers Body-Worn Sensors (HexoSkin T-shirt), Technology Solutions, and Data Analytics to support any projects.

What RiniSkin IoT
  • Heart Rate, HRV (allowing to estimate stress and fatigue)

  • Heart Rate Recovery, and ECG

  • Breathing Rate (RPM)

  • Minute Ventilation (L/min)

  • QRS/QT/ST/PQ segment duration

  • ST & isoelectric line

  • Changes in ST segment morphology

  • Respiratory rate

  • Detection of sinus tachycardia, bradycardia

  • Detection of changes in the morphology of the ST-segment

  • Detection of different type of Arrhythmia

These checks provide an overview of health condition based on the ECG signal and can define certain health problems and alarm to perform deeper analysis in the hospital.

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